BlueTech Competition

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BlueTech Competition

Welcome to BlueTech Competition 2024, a new acceleration program that aims to support innovative technological solutions which are applied in sectors of Blue Economy. Solutions to be submitted for judging are expected to be applied in areas of Maritime, indicative but not limited to:
• Shipping / Ports
• Marine transport
• Shipbuilding
• Fishery
• Aquaculture
• Marine construction
• Offshore oil / gas
• Marine / Coastal tourism
• Seabed mining
• Offshore renewables
• Aqualife
• Business services
• Hightech marine services
• Marine R&D
• Safety & Surveillance

Programme structure is hybrid, with many of its components to be offered online, and demo days and finals to take place in Thessaloniki. BlueTech Competition has a general track and three more specialized tracks, and its main objective is to revitalize the Blue ecosystem in Europe and Mediterranean. The programme combines knowledge, industry best practices, marketable guidance, and targeted networking. During their journey, the teams will validate their solutions, validate their businesses, validate the markets, and get prepared to ask for and receive investments.

The teams which participate in BlueTech Competition are never required to offer any of their equity to the programme.

We catalyze innovation, cultivate technology entrepreneurship, and play a role in the economic advancement of our region. We foster unconventional thinking and inspire the generation of revolutionary ideas. We are committed to mentorship, support, and continuous progress. We invite you to become a part of our community as we strive for collective growth and success.
We are honored to have the support of Alexander Innovation Zone.

Applications will remain open until Feb 29. Apply now!